Job Aids for Everyone: A Step-by Step Guide to Creating Job and Task Aids
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Job Aids for Everyone: A Step-by Step Guide to Creating Job and Task Aids

Authors: Charlotte Long

This self-study guide will show you how to create checklists, lists of steps, forms, worksheets, decision tables, flowcharts—all kinds of task aids to help employees take corrective action and perform their jobs. A "must have" for any supervisor.

Your new trainers don't know how to properly operate the VCR and monitor...your employees don't know how to use a preferred conference call vendor...your middle managers fail to consistently report their employees overtime.

Tired of explaining things over and over? Save time, frustration and money-and improve performance-by creating your own task aids.

When you follow the author's advice, you'll be on the way to designing and developing your own appropriate job aids-easily and quickly.

Close the gap between what is happening and what should be happening. Working at your own pace, you'll learn about every step involved in creating an effective task aid and get plenty of practice implementing the steps.

You'll learn how to:
  • Analyze barriers that bar the use of the task aid-like noise, no PC or poor lighting
  • Determine the correct medium for the task aid-computer-based, hard-copy, integrated, or stand-alone
  • Categorize tasks by determining if they involve sequential steps and/or decision-making
  • Select a format-a flow chart, decision table, list, or combination
  • Write a draft of the task aid
  • Comply with format guidelines-where to put the title and drawings, how to use white space, when to box or highlight
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