The Creative Profile (TCP)
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A powerful tool to help leaders create a climate where creative solutions flourish

The Creative Profile: How to Assess the Creative Potential/Capacity of Your Organization

Every organization is full of creative, talented people. And you don’t have to be a DaVinci to unleash their creative spirit and add value to your bottom line. With The Creative Profile, you have a proven tool that will make it easy.

This 36-statement profile acts like an X-ray to provide an in-depth snapshot of the creative capacity of your organization. Administer it to your employees and it will produce data that will reveal your creative strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint where you to focus your attention and resources. There is no better way to add discipline to your efforts so you know what to do, how to do it and – most importantly – why.

The statements relate to the core elements that enable an organization to tap and utilize the creative talent of its people:

  1. Constructive leadership
  2. Positive culture
  3. Effective protocols and processes

The profile package includes instructions on how to administer the survey, what to do with survey data, how to create and facilitate a meeting where participants think together about organizational issues and lessons learned about organizational creativity.

Imagine an organization where different departments meet with each other to share ideas and give feedback … normally quiet employees speak up in meetings and participate … there is less sarcasm, fewer put-downs and more constructive criticism … individuals don’t take credit for good ideas … senior leaders are more accessible and employees want to interact with them … and good ideas are not just captured, but implemented

This will be your organization when you administer this valuable and strategic tool.

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