EXCEL- Setting Goals DVD Workshop (ESGD)

This 1/2 day, instructor lead workshop includes a leaders guide, participant booklet, DVD video footage, and power point slides. Managers will learn several important goal setting skills including: Involving the workgroup in goal setting, developing standards for all work, overcoming resistance to goal setting, and prioritizing goals.

Price: $500.00
EXCEL- Time Management & Prioritizing DVD Workshop (ETMD)

This 1/2 day, instructor led workshop includes  a detailed leaders guide, participant materials, DVD video footage, and power point slides. Managers will learn time management behaviors including: Preparing a daily “to do” list, Prioritizing activities, controlling telephone time, reducing disruptions, and using meetings to save time instead of waste it. 

Price: $500.00
Managing Your Time (LDMTDV)
Introducing The Employee Development DVD Series, a series of complete multimedia workshops that will prepare your employees to meet the demands of today’s workplace with skill and confidence. Each module can be delivered in a freestanding, half-day workshop or as a self-study course.
Price: $69.95
100 Reproducible Workshops (100RW)

For many professional skills and competencies, this 5-volume set can start you in the right direction or complete existing programs that lack a key skill. You get 100 workshops that range from 1 to 3 hours in length. 

Price: $495.00